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Ai Erwei R6 automatic folding bike

As an ideal ambition with ambition of intelligent electric Bicycle, Ai Erwei R6 of course not only satisfied with the current results, so first to set a small target it, hoping to break through 2 million mark! The goal is good, but want to achieve, but also must have to match the strength. Let’s take […]

SAIC heavily invested lithium battery new energy vehicles target 600,000

SAIC previously predicted that China’s new energy car market will usher in explosive growth, so in the field of new energy has launched a rapid layout. SAIC officially informed that the car will be through its wholly owned subsidiary and Ningde era set up two new joint ventures, mainly engaged in the development of lithium […]

2017 China’s lithium battery market size will reach 82.18GWh

According to the latest data show that in March 2017, China’s lithium-ion battery production was 757 million, an increase of 45.3%; 1-3 month cumulative production reached 1.92 billion, the cumulative increase of 35.2%. It is reported that mobile phones and electric vehicles and other major downstream products show different degrees of rapid growth, driven by […]