Cell Type:Li Ion Battery Solar plate
Weight:<10kg Cycle Life: ≥1000 times Size:360*319*350mm LED display : DC/AC/UPS/USB Automatic Solar panel Battery Voltage:48V Battery Watts:3000wh 5000wh solar panel :4pcs folding solar panel Power of solar panel:60W Output voltage of solar panel:72V Max current of solar panel:0.83A Controller power :200W Input voltage of Controller: 20V-120V Output voltage of Controller:54.6V Output current of Controller:3A Output Display: USB port: 5V 2A AC output:110V/50Hz DC port:12V 10A LED light Jump smart port : starting current 200A@12V Intelligent BMS: Over voltage and under voltage protection Over charge current and over discharge current protection, Short circuit protection communication interfaces :RS485 Working Temperature:-20C°-60C

Input max current:40A/85A
Max power:1600W/3300W
Output AC voltage:110V / 60Hz
Output power :1500w/3000w

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Standard Charge Current:5A
Max Charge Current: 15A
Max Charge Voltage: 54.6 V


Standard Discharge Current: 20A
Max Discharge Current: 30A
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 36.4V

PCB Parameters

Overcharge Protection Voltage: 4.25±0.03V
Over-discharge Voltage Protection: 2.5±0.1V
Over-current Protection Current: ≥60A
Over-current Protection Delay: < 3s

Working  Temp

Charge Temp: 0~45°C
Discharge Temp: -20~55°C

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