• With automated production lines and the use of an advanced MES production execution system, Trunlife achieve accurate management from the parts to the delivery of finished products.
    Each battery pack delivered to customers undergoes aging tests in an independent laboratory to ensure compliance with design standards.
    The daily production capacity is 10,000 sets, and the annual production can reach up to 2.56 GWH.

  • Our professional R&D team, Led by experts and doctors, conducts independent research and development of energy storage products under the “Turnlife” brand. Over 100 patents have been obtained for these products.

  • Turnlife products meets international certification standards and have received feedback from market “Turnlife products are safe and efficient“.
    We havesuccessfully passed the certification:

Build a green and better life

Provide safe, environment friendly and intelligent new energy solutions for the world

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February 2023       Long Beach Energy Storage Show in the United States

June 2023              Munich Energy Storage Exhibition

July 2023               Frankfurt Bicycle Show

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